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As President, James Broyhill leads the JB by James Broyhill brand with a genuine Americana spirit and an innate creativity that propels unique collaborations and drives lifestyle marketing initiatives. 


From its humble beginnings in 1926 as a North Carolina based, family owned chair-making company, Broyhill Furniture Industries, Inc. grew into a leading American manufacturer of household furniture. 


The Broyhill Family Timeline dates back to the birth of James Edgar "J.E." Broyhill, the founder of Broyhill Furniture Industries, and extends to the birth of the JB by James Broyhill founder, James Thomas Broyhill II through to the launch of the JB by James Broyhill brand.


Learn the brand mission, brand vision, brand promise, brand values, brand goals, and brand lifestyle of the JB by James Broyhill brand.

James with Land Rover_edited.jpg

Step inside the world of JB and see all the things that inspire James on the daily, both in his life and in his work.


James has been featured in many notable lifestyle publications, known for establishing trends, style, and classic taste. See a selection of press listings, ranging from editorials, television appearances, and awards and accolades.

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