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"We all carry inside us, those that came before us."


The Broyhill Family Timeline

The Broyhill Family timeline dates back to the birth of James Edgar Broyhill ("J.E."), the founder of Broyhill Furniture Industries to the birth of James Thomas Broyhill, the great-grandson of J.E. Broyhill, and the founder of JB by James Broyhill, which launched in 2020.


James Edgar Broyhill (known as "J.E.") is born in Wilkes County, North Carolina, USA.


J.E. Broyhill leaves farm life behind to attend Appalachian Training School (now Appalachian State University). 

Appalachian State University
James Edgar Broyhill (known as "J.E.") is born in Wilkes County, North Carolina, USA.


After serving his country during World War I, J.E. Broyhill joins his older brother, Tom Broyhill's small furniture company located in Lenoir, North Carolina, to learn the trade.


J.E. Broyhill leaves his brother's firm to establish his own furniture company called Lenoir Chair Company, which later became Broyhill Furniture Industries.  

Lenoir Chair Company; Source: Broyhill Family Archives
Image by Brian Kraus of The Great Depression


As J.E. Broyhill built his business, he would purchase an additional five bankrupt furniture factories hit hard by The Great Depression.


Capitalizing on the post World War II economic boom, Broyhill Furniture Industries exceeds $75 million in annual sales revenue and becomes one of the largest employers in the state of North Carolina.

Worker at Broyhill Furniture Industries
Broyhill Furniture Industries Senior Management


Broyhill Furniture Industries is sold to Interco (which later became Furniture Brands International).

James Thomas Broyhill as a infant


James Thomas Broyhill II, great-grandson of J. E. Broyhill is born in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA.

Antique woodworking tools owned by James Thomas Broyhill


James develops a passion for woodworking and furniture design in the basement of his childhood home.

James Thomas Broyhill at his graduation from Appalachian State Universiy


As did his great-grandfather nearly a century earlier, James heads up the mountain to attend Appalachian State University in 2002, and graduates in 2006.

Image by Wes Hicks of Charlotte, North Carolina at night


James moves to Charlotte, North Carolina to begin his career in commercial real estate. In his spare time, he built furniture and other unique pieces for family and friends, in the workshop in his garage.

James Thomas Broyhill in his Charlotte, North Carolina woodworking shop


James establishes Heritage Handcrafted, a niche home decor and accessories manufacturing company focused on design and production and sold direct to consumer. Encouraged by early success in sales, as well as editorial coverage and press features in several top national publications, James leaves behind his 9-5 job to begin his entrepreneurial journey.

Source: Heritage Handcrated


The genuine authenticity of the Heritage Handcrafted persona, coupled with the company's ability to consistently create quality artisan-made product at scale, quickly gained the attention of numerous well-known name brands who showed interest in collaborative partnerships.

PappyVan Winkle Collaboration with Heritage Handcrafted


From the Pappy Van Winkle, Woodford Reserve, and Jack Daniel's Distilleries, to country music singer Eric Church, Heritage Handcrafted becomes the go-to source amongst established brands and celebrities desiring custom home decor geared toward a growing "bourbon lifestyle" consumer base. 


JB by James Broyhill embossed stamp

Powered by the proven business model of the Heritage Handcrafted brand, the JB by James Broyhill brand is soft launched in 2019, with an official launch in 2020. JB by James Broyhill offers a complete suite of lifestyle brand marketing services. 

JE Broyhill WWII.png

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