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A Heritage of Success: The Next Generation of The Broyhill Legacy

“Paying homage to the past is equally as important to staying focused on the future.” – James Broyhill

A lifelong creative and passionate entrepreneur, James T. Broyhill II is working to grow and build upon his family’s century-old legacy, pioneering a new epoch for the Broyhill name. The process of making things, using his own two hands to create something derived from a simple idea, has always been enlivening and inspiring to James. This is why he is infusing that inventive spirit into the future of The Broyhill Legacy with the inception of JB by James Broyhill.

Focusing on the Future, While Paying Homage to the Past

Every impactful legacy starts with a prolific history.

His great-grandfather built a multi-million-dollar furniture empire on the philosophy of constant reinvention, which James boldly embraces as he adds to the family’s rich business portfolio. The JB by James Broyhill brand holds on to the classic roots cultivated by his family while understanding the importance of welcoming the future and staying fresh to reflect today’s trends.

But with that, he also aspires to create new trends centered on a deep Americana connection and the consumer-centric marketing that helped his family grow their empire over the past century. Through authentic messaging that encompasses the spirit of each unique product, business, or service, James is unlocking the secret to building the next generation of great Americana brands—forever inspired by what his family has built. This is where the everlasting Broyhill heritage of success will be starting anew.

Instinctive Ingenuity, Elevated for Authentic Success

So how do you go about building a legacy that’s based upon historic authenticity and passionate artistry? It starts with instinctive ingenuity.

James believes that every human is innately creative. After a lifetime of being immersed in intrinsic craftsmanship, he’s discovered that all you need is an idea, the materials called for, and the tools necessary to accomplish that idea most effectively to create something that will last and make an impression. Using these foundational building principles, James is expanding upon his family’s craft. By providing the proper marketing materials and tools, his intentionally built team will help consumer goods businesses elevate their ideas to manifest the same heritage of success so profoundly rooted in his own story. Through trusting partnerships, collaborations, and licensing arrangements, JB by James Broyhill lends its name, taste, and marketing prowess, to infuse a story of authenticity and memorable inspiration into product lines with intention.

This is where the future begins… here’s to the next generation of The Broyhill Legacy.

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